The day has officially arrived where for the mere sum of $599, you will be able to buy a robot that will help you with dinner, respond to voice commands and will show you human emotions while doing it.

The Taiwanese company Asus are the company responsible for this family-friendly robot. Going by the name of Zenbo, this robot is not only able to move and respond to your commands to ‘follow me’, its personality is interchangeable between family members and he is particularly well adjusted to help the elderly.hqdefault

Zenbo can perform an array of useful tasks, he can read you recipes while you cook, he can find you to remind you about events in your calendar, he can remind you to take medication and he can help you arrange venues and purchase goods from the touch-screen on his head.

Asus say that they had three goals in mind when creating Zenbo: “assistance, entertainment and companionship”, and Zenbo certainly is all three. From small tasks such as reading stories to children, to larger tasks such as notifying family members of a recognised emergency (if someone falls over or sustains an injury), Zenbo is an all-round useful addition to the family.

Is this the family member of the future?

Zenbo’s ‘face’ is actually a camera that also works as a smart touch screen, this means that you can use it to browse the internet, read displayed information and also take photos with the built-in camera. This also makes Zenbo ideal to video chat friends and family with. There are such fun details added into his design, for example he will show emotions such as blushing if you give him a compliment.

Zenbo is the perfect combination of human and robot, and is a glance into the very near future of every day robotic assistance. Not only that, but he is affordable.

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