Last week was the Windows 10 Event at Doddington Hall, Lincolnshire.

The public filtered through to learn about the exciting new features of Windows 10 and have a play with some of the latest gadgetry hosting Windows 10.SCS Seminar Windows 10

The SCS team were showing their expertise when it came to the new features and benefits of the Windows 10, while everybody else enjoyed a bacon butty.

At 9am, the presentations began, starting with a warm welcome and introduction from Jerry, Managing Director of SCS Technology Solutions. Next, Matt took to the stage to demonstrate the features and ‘attempt’ a live demonstration of Windows 10 ‘Cortana’ assistant.

A similar demonstration was given by Microsoft at the launch of Windows 10 and it did not go very well – the voice-controlled assistant found it difficult to understand the voice through a microphone. However, Matt mastered the art of communicating with Cortana perfectly; delighting us with how she answered multiple commands including: “Tell us a joke” and “Sing us a song”.

There are some fantastic features with this software; improvements have been made to the ‘snap’ Windows function, for example, and many new features have been introduced. Users can now share Wi-Fi connections with Facebook friends who enter your office/home, there is a brand new internet browser which allows you to make notes on any webpage, and Windows Defender alerts you to potential viruses automatically.

In the near future you will also be able to log into your machine using just your face, and a virtual assistant will check through your emails and carry out searches to perform useful tasks such as telling you what time your flight is.

The feedback from this short event has been immensely positive, with comments such as “SCS made complex features very easy to understand”, “Enjoyable”, “Memorable” and “A trip down memory lane. I bought my first PC from Jerry right at the beginning!”. 

SCS Technology would like to thank everybody who came out to share our passion for technology. The release of Windows 10 back in July is something that has excited computer professionals across the country, and SCS would love to show you how to make the most of it.

The upgrade is free for many users until July 2016. Please contact SCS Technology Solutions for any help with this process – 0800 9520652.