5 months have passed since the launch of Windows 10, and figures released this week have revealed that the operating system is now being used on 9% of all compatible devices. That equates to around 120 million devices.

While Windows 7 is still by far the most used operating system in the world with 56.11% of the market, in November alone, Windows 10 had a 1.06% increase in users, showing that this operating system’s popularity is growing. Windows 10 launch

Last month, Microsoft released its first update for the operating system which contained new features and new apps.  They also improved the operating system’s stability.  After an initial period post-launch used by Microsoft to iron out any bugs in the operating system, more and more users are transferring their systems over to Windows 10. To increase market share further, Microsoft will soon be adding Windows 10 onto their phones.

But why should you switch to Windows 10?

For one, the new system has lots of impressive new features. One of which is the new custom start menu which can be tailored to suit your habits.

Another is Cortana, Microsoft’s alternative to Siri. Sitting next to the start button, you can invoke it by saying ‘Hey Cortana’ – this tool is ideal for finding quick answers to questions.

Perhaps the best feature of all is the introduction of Microsoft’s new web browser Edge. Edge is Internet Explorer’s replacement, and features include the ability to annotate web pages and a reading mode. There is also a useful link with Cortana that simplifies the browsing experience. For example, if you are on a restaurant’s website, Cortana will be able to make a booking for you.

Since the Windows 10 launch, SCS Technology Solutions have hosted a number of events guiding users through transferring their processes onto the new system, as well as helping them get to grips with the new features.

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