Windows 10 is on the horizon, so we have had a look at some of the changes and new features you can expect. The first thing to know is that Windows are skipping ‘Windows 9’ and going straight to 10 and will arrive on our computers in mid 2016.Windows 10 features

  1. Touch screen features

The new touch screen system has eliminated some of the complex parts of the 8.1 system. Multitasking is now easier – making the system more accessible to both experts and amateurs. You can also draw on an interactive whiteboard, perfect for the classroom and the boardroom.

  1. Snap assist

This helps you turn apps into tiles, so you can read from Chrome and type on Word at the same time. You have been able to do this for a long time by just resizing windows, but now there is a function that does it for you.

  1. Start menu

The start menu is particularly similar to the 8.1 menu. It has live tiles which are resizable, so you can make your menu your own.

  1. A new task bar

Users can now switch between apps a lot easier. You can also use Alt+Tab to change, making everything a lot quicker.

  1. Internet Explorer

There is a new home location and a share button on the task bar, showing how Windows are embracing social media in project Spartan.

  1. Continuum

This is another touch screen feature. When using your Surface with the attachable keyboard, the system adapts for the use of a keyboard. When disconnected, it brings up a number of buttons onto the touch screen, helping to make working on the go a lot smoother.

  1. App store

Before, different devices had different app stores. Now, there will be one store for all devices. Windows 10 will be compatible with all devices, so no one will be left behind.

  1. Apps on the desktop

Apps now have icons on the desktop, making them quicker to access and easier to organise.

  1. Business functions

With Windows 10 you will get a customisable store function, protection for your corporate data and mobile device management to name a few. Also, Windows 10 will keep your personal and corporate data separate.

Windows 10 not only simplifies some of the initially confusing aspects that were introduced with Windows 8, but also bring some great new features designed to make our lives generally easier.

(Photo source: Forbes)