Last July, Windows 10 was released to replace its predecessor, Windows 8, and since then, it has been installed on over 350 million devices. Earlier this month, Microsoft released its latest version of Windows 10 (coinciding with its 1-year anniversary) and introduced new features such as improvements to Cortana, better security and enhanced power efficiency.

Here are 5 features that you’ll love from the Windows 10 anniversary update:laptop-keyboard-1036970_1920

  1. Windows Hello

Tired of remembering all those passwords? Those days are now over.

Windows Hello already allows you to log onto your PC or Surface by face recognition or by fingerprint, but this new update means it will also work on certain third-party websites. Using Microsoft Edge, you’ll be able to log onto websites by utilising infrared technology, rather than using a password which could be considered less secure.

  1. Cortana

Microsoft’s personal digital assistant can now remember information across multiply devices – this means you can ask a question on your PC and ‘she’ can answer it later on your Surface tablet. Cortana also now appears on the lock screen so you can interact with her easier. 

  1. Better security

The new update has meant that users now get increased security, with Windows Defender anti-malware being improved to auto schedule scans of your computer, alerting you to any threats. 

  1. Windows Ink 

If you’re still someone that uses a notebook for making notes, you’ll love Windows Ink. This new update makes it easier for people to write on their device, just as if you were writing on paper. It works with Microsoft Office, Maps and Edge, meaning you can make notes on documents, travel plans and web pages.

  1. Microsoft Edge

The new update has meant that Microsoft Edge now consumes less memory, making the browser much quicker and more efficient. New extensions are now also available through the Windows Store, and the keyboard navigation and screen readers have been improved to make the browser experience more accessible to people of all abilities.

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