The Windows 10 Anniversary Update was released August 2016, providing new improvements and expanding on what Cortana can already do. Better security was an initial part of the update, including Windows Defender anti-malware and scheduled scans of your computer, informing you if your computer is at risk.Windows 10 upgrade

With Windows 8, there were several issues that were of concern when it came to privacy. This included the unknown of certain applications using user information with no control over how the information was being used. However, with the new Windows 10 update, there has been certain features added to help improve the privacy of your computer.

Each privacy menu item now provides you with control. The control to fine-tune your settings dependant on application.

General Settings

There are a few advanced options on the general privacy page we advise you to turn off if you want the highest level of privacy:

  • Uncheck the languages option if you do not want Microsoft to know what language you speak.
  • Disabling the Advertising ID will avoid tracking over certain applications.


Don’t want every application to know your location? Windows 10 have now given you the control to turn your Location Services off for specific applications. You can also set a default location if you don’t want to precisely say where you live. For example, you could just state the county or city where you live.

Speech, Inking and Typing (Cortana)

While you can’t completely disable Cortana, you can click the option of ‘stop getting to know me’ to prevent ‘her’ gathering more information about you. You can then go and visit your ‘Bing Personalisation’ page and remove all the data Cortana has collected about you.

Other Devices

This setting allows you to turn off any synchronisation to any other devices that you may not trust with your personal information. However, you can control any trusted devices that you would like to be synchronised. For example, synchronising your PlayStation to transfer your user information. You can also enable the Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) here.

Got any questions about this Windows 10 update? Talk to a member of our team on 0800 9520652 and we’ll be happy to help.