Man merging with machine might sound like a far-fetched idea at the moment, but just think about how far we’ve come in the past 50 years.

50 years ago, we had colourless televisions, we were only just exploring space and mobile phones struggled to fit in our handbags (or briefcases), never-mind our palms. Today we live in a world where technology has enabled man to walk on the moon and make countless, otherwise unthinkable, achievements.

It is easy to predict that the future will bring some of the most advanced technology we have ever experienced, but it seems that the next fifty years in particular will bring technology that we could only previously have dreamed about.

Here is an insight into just a few things that technology will allow mankind to do in the next 50 years.

  1. Build a settlement on the moonthe-moon-1526431-639x556

There is water on the moon in the form of ice, and from ice you can extract Hydrogen, which can be used as a rocket fuel. Peter Diamandis of X Prize describes the moon as a “critical launch pad for humanity’s exploration of the cosmos”. Scientists predict that technology will have advanced enough by 2060 to have a fully functioning base on the moon. Interesting fact: the spacecraft used in the Apollo missions harboured less technological power than a pocket calculator.

  1. Brain modification

As a result of advanced technology, computers will be a billion times more powerful than they are today within 50 years. This means that we will be able to reverse engineer the human brain, combining yourself with a machine to finally create a ‘perfect’ being.

  1. Use quantum computers

The development of the quantum computer is already several years old and the finished product is scheduled for completion in around 15 years. It isn’t all good news though; with the quantum computer comes heightened security threats. The quantum can crack passwords in seconds, meaning that passwords for missile launches and other such items would have to be constantly changed.

Are you ready for it?…

  1. Achieve immortality

Scientists are predicting that technology allowing users to live forever is only 20 years away. Nanobots will improve human physiology in every way. We will become physically indestructible and have genius-like thinking capabilities.

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