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Driving is a great life skill to have, but imagine having a car which does all the work for you. It has been said that we could have autonomous vehicles in the UK by 2021, which is an exciting thought. But the question on all of our minds is, are they safe?

When driving, situations can occur which may force a person to act on impulse, for example, deciding to swerve left or right if a car were to veer in to your lane. How does a machine make a decision such as this one? And would the choice be ethically correct?

Whilst keeping this in mind, experts say that self-driving cars are actually safer to have on our roads than people, as we are more likely to make mistakes, resulting in people being hit, car crashes or even death.

Did you know that 1.2 million people die yearly on the road. This is equivalent to a 737 plane falling out of the sky every hour, and in 94% of these cases, it is human error which is to blame.

The Waymo cars which belong to Google have ‘eyes’ which are produced by a Lidar system. These eyes can detect objects around the car, such as people, vehicles and small objects, as well as being able to detect objects as far away as the length of two football fields.

Unfortunately, having this technology within the cars doesn’t actually stop people from failing to pick up on when the car’s manual mode needs to be set, if an accident were to occur. There have already been a handful of accidents due to drivers falling asleep or becoming distracted at the wheel.

Either way, it’s a sure thing that we will be heading in to a future filled with autonomous vehicles.

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