laptop 1483974 1280For those that don’t know, the IFA is an annual consumer technology show held in Berlin. This year’s has been more eventful than usual, with big updates from big brands and a lot of new product announcements too.

So, here is a breakdown of the biggest technology announcements this year so far…


Laptop announcements were plentiful with a focus on high quality screens for gamers and longer battery lives. New laptops include a new line of Lenovo Chromebooks, Project Athena laptops that promise 9 hours of battery life, gaming laptops with Intel’s new Ice Lake CPU and multiple laptops announcing impressive 300Hz displays.


Phones seem to be getting smaller again (a welcome move!), as well as more affordable. Sony bring out the compact Xperia 5 and Samsung announce an affordable 5G Galaxy A90. Cameras are also becoming a solid feature in new phones, such as the TLC foldable Plex that now has three rear cameras and the Motorola One Zoom that has four cameras on the back. Multiple cameras mean better quality photos, capturing better depth of field, more detail and wider shots too.

Headphones and speakers

Soundbars, AirPods and wireless headphones are still popular with consumers. Sonos have made waves with a new speaker called Move which works both indoors and out. AirPod competitor Jabra Elite gives their 75t an upgrade, and Huawei bring out FreeBuds 3 which are the latest ear buds to rival AirPods.

Other awesome stuff

As well as the most popular areas of technology, there have been incredible updates to smart home technology, health-wear, smart watches and home cinemas too.

These impressive technologies include: electric scooters, techno spas, Acer gaming chairs, ProArt television displays, TCL personal movie theatres and Asus watches that measure blood pressure.

The IFA show is always a great place to witness where technology trends are headed, and we are always left in awe of how far technology progresses each year. We look forward to the next one!