A disaster recovery plan is a document that helps your business with processes to recover from a range of events, often referred to as a ‘disaster’. Every business, no matter its size or location, should have a comprehensive disaster recovery plan.

What does ‘disaster’ mean?

A disaster can be classed as anything that will put your business at risk, such as cyber-attacks, equipment malfunctioning or a natural disaster such as a fire or flood, which can destroy everything. If you’re new to SCS, you may not know we had a fire in 2002 which destroyed our premises at the time and everything in the building. Luckily we had a comprehensive disaster recovery plan and we were back up and running within a week. Read more about that in our ‘SCS Ablaze’ blog post here.

A disaster can be caused by both human error or nature, with some more likely to occur than others. These are the most common types:

● Application/software or machine failures such as a laptop or computer

● Structural damage at your building or workspace

● Network failure

● Virus or security breach

● Data centre disaster caused by fire, flood, or power failure

How does a Disaster Recovery Plan help?

No business can afford long-term downtime. If a disaster occurs and your business isn’t prepared, the long term impact could be severe.

A disaster recovery plan includes processes to help minimise downtime of servers, applications and employee workstations, and the means to bring critical systems back online quickly.

Industry experience shows that recovery from significant data loss is tough, and many businesses fail to recover without the correct planning\systems in place.

Often, a comprehensive disaster recovery plan that is well known and understood by as many of your employees as possible, can be used as a preventative measure before the ‘disaster’ has really taken hold.

How can SCS help my business with a Disaster Recovery Plan?

SCS Technology Solutions can assist you in writing and planning your disaster recovery plan, to ensure your business is prepared for anything that may cause you to lose data\service.

Having affective disaster recovery plans and processes, allows you\us to quickly respond to unplanned incidents that threaten your hardware, software, networks, services, and people.

To reduce downtime for your business, it is recommended to use a blend of on-site and off-site protections to get you back up and running as quickly as possible. We also constantly monitor our customers servers and critical systems, so we are often be aware of problems before anyone else.

For more information about how a disaster recovery plan can protect your business, or for anything else IT related, please contact our very knowledgeable and friendly team today!