A Cloud Solution Provider, or CSP for short is a third-party company that provides businesses with cloud-based infrastructure, networks, and software applications. This may include licensing, road mapping and security.

Cloud solution providers use their own data centres and resources to host cloud computing-based infrastructure and platform services, so that your business does not need to cover these in-house.

What are the Benefits of a Cloud Solution Provider?

Costs and Scalability – A CSP typically offers their services at a monthly or annual cost that is predictable and flexible, which significantly reduces the expenditure of your business in terms of equipment, maintenance and time. There are options available for a range of businesses, no matter the size or required functions. Customers are charged only for resources they consume, such as the amount of time a service is used or the storage capacity used.

Access Anywhere – Using a CSP means that you have centralised services and quick disaster recovery solutions anywhere that has a working network connection, offering perfect collaboration and continuity.

Security and Protection – Using a Cloud Solution Provider means that you don’t have to worry about maintaining the system or services yourself. A CSP normally offers a number of services such as security, hosted email\files and backups.

Microsoft Interfacing– When working with a CSP for Microsoft products, you get Microsoft’s support and interfacing. Cloud solution providers work closely with Microsoft Support to ensure the best customer service is delivered to you. You’ll benefit from faster answers and resolutions, plus CSPs are aware of upcoming changes before most individuals.

Why choose SCS Technology Solutions as your CSP?

Here at SCS, we have Microsoft Certified Cloud experts that can help explain the cloud simply and the benefits it can bring. The Cloud can be a scary proposition, but SCS can provide you with the right Cloud solutions for your business’s needs.

Whether a full Cloud solution is suitable (i.e. no servers onsite) or a hybrid solution where appropriate apps are moved to The Cloud, be that email, backups or a line of business application, SCS Technology Solutions are here to help.

To find out more about our expert level cloud support, contact our friendly and knowledgeable team today!