According to a report on IT Governance, web threats are getting bigger and more aggressive.

The recently published CERT-UK Annual Report showed that Internet vulnerabilities have nearly tripled since the year 2000…and it gets worse. The 2014 report predicts that “we will see another Shellshock or Heartbleed”.

Why are we under such threat in 2015?cyber security IT lincoln

Symantec’s Internet Security Threat Report states that “web threats got bigger and much more aggressive in 2014 as holes in commonly used tools and encryption protocols were exposed.” This trend is predicted to progress throughout 2015.

The biggest vulnerabilities in 2014: 

The most vulnerable were Heartbleed, ShellShock and POODLE. The software that is affected by these vulnerabilities can be found in many systems and devices, which made them instant hot targets for attackers.

Heartbleed affected half a million trusted websites, encouraging users to update their passwords. Shellshock affected most versions of Linux, Unix and Mac OS X, and POODLE affected servers that supported an older SSL protocol (SSL 3.0), letting hackers steal information or take over victims’ online accounts through HTTP cookies.

How we can help:

Securing your website and software is the best way to protect you from threats. We can offer you instant alerts to issues and problems via industry-leading remote monitoring, as well as helping to secure your system from issues in the first place.

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