a1ea 1 20150319309328964SCS are proud to be a WatchGuard Gold Partner and, for the fourth year in a row, are pleased to announce that WatchGuard have been named one of CRN’s 30 Coolest Mobile DeviceManagement and Security Companies, as part of its annual 2019 Mobility 100 List!

When WatchGuard are recognised for their leading mobile hardware, security and device management, as well as being one of the leading vendors in the market today, it gives us complete peace of mind that we are offering our clients the very best solutions possible.

Security risks are on the rise

With security risks evolving just as quickly as flexible work environments, there is now a higher demand for secure connections and better security solutions.

CRN’s 2019 Mobility 100 List helps companies to protect themselves against these outside threats by suggesting the best, most innovative companies out there today.


A new cloud-based multi-factor authentication solution

WatchGuard has recently added AuthPoint to their solutions, a type of cloud-based multi-factor authentication (MFA) that has been designed to specifically suit the needs of SMBs and enterprises with distributed staff members.

The benefits of AuthPoint is that it provides critical MFA protection by generating push notifications to users’ smartphones to verify external login attempts. This means that no attempt to break through security goes unnoticed.

What’s even better is that there’s no expensive hardware to deploy and the service can be managed from anywhere using the intuitive WatchGuard Cloud interface too.

Leading the way in business security solutions

Companies like WatchGuard are leading the way and thinking ahead about the customers’ needs which is what keeps them ahead of the game. Previously to this type of cloud-based software, companies would require traditionally complex integrations and burdensome on-premises management, making implementation impossible without a large IT staff and up-front expense.

You can see the complete 2019 Mobility 100 list on the CRN website, or get in touch with us to discuss which WatchGuard services would best suit your needs – 01522 883636.