Like many business owners and employees, you probably have your emails synced to your phone or use apps for business purposes. According to a study by Ciphercloud, 86% of cloud-based applications that are used by employees are not checked by their IT providers.using your mobile phone for business?

As you probably have seen recently in the press, cyber attacks are increasing and so are the attempts from hackers on obtaining personal and financial information. Recent reports by Kaspersky Security network found that between 2013-2014, there were nearly 5 million malicious installation packets and 12,100 mobile banking Trojans created simply to attack phones.

With new threats being created daily, it is important for organisations to take appropriate steps to minimise the risks of cyber attacks happening through mobile devices. For example:

  • Implementing security policies to keep confidential data and intellectual property secure
  • Regulating which mobile devices are allowed to access your network, establishing connection policies and what software is allowed on mobile devices
  • Setting standards for what data can be stored on mobile devices
  • Making it clear that business phones are not to be used for personal matters and for storing personal data
  • Installing anti-virus and malware protection on any mobile devices
  • Offering training for employees on data security practices and taking steps to ensure your staff understand fully

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