Last month (March 2020), Microsoft gathered experts from a wide range of fields such as academia, civil society, policy and more. Why? To discuss one of the most important topics in tech at the moment: Responsible Artificial Intelligence (RAI).

The event was focused around the rules for effective governance of AI, covering subjects such as liability rules in AI systems, facial recognition technology and the future of quantum computing.

So why is RAI so important and what does it mean for your business?

Making RAI a priority

RAI ensures businesses deploy AI technologies in their organisations in an ethical, transparent, secure and accountable manner. To do this they must adopt a combination of principles, practices and tools that enable them to establish and monitor their use of AI.

Sounds expensive and time consuming, is it worth it?

In short, yes.

There have been various publicised examples of biased algorithms and privacy-violating facial recognition systems in recent years. This is not only a PR disaster for the companies involved, it also puts concerns into the minds of the public over the use of AI itself; arousing suspicion over the use of AI and raising the question about what AI means for consumer’s human rights.

Companies who are now looking to use AI must carefully consider the implications of deploying AI in their operations and the potential risks involved in doing so.

In addition to risk, the ethical use of AI must also be considered. There is a very real potential for bias in data and misinterpretations made by the technology as well as the prospect of malicious activity such as adversarial attacks, for which a robust plan must be put in place.

For these reasons, the governance of machine learning (ML) models has now become a main priority for investment with enterprises.

AI for your business

Your business and employees are likely to already be using various Microsoft applications that have AI built into them. These include Microsoft 365, Microsoft Dynamics 365, the search engine ‘Bing’ and Microsoft’s intelligent assistant ‘Cortana’.

If you are thinking about additional ways in which AI could help your business, you can now take advantage of Microsoft’s AI Business School. Here you will find guidance from industry leaders and advice from AI experts, which will help you to make an educated decision as to how you can adopt AI responsibly.

If you make the decision to go ahead and adopt the use of RAI, Microsoft can also help you to assess your AI readiness and create an AI strategy, using specific tools and programs found within its Business School.

Technology is evolving at a rapid pace and this includes the adoption of AI into many business practices. If you choose to get ahead of the curve, make sure you do so responsibly.

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