Here at SCS we are proud to have been a Microsoft Gold partner since 2007 and now we are very pleased to announce that we are a Triple Gold Partner- but what does being a Microsoft Gold Partner mean?

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we have been recognised as having the skills, knowledge and capabilities to:

  • Provide Microsoft based IT services and products
  • Provide continuous customer support and be first in line for updates and news
  • Provide consultative expertise with “best in class” Microsoft implementation and deployment
  • Have been recognised as a leader within the partner community

To keep our Microsoft Gold Partner status, we have to meet certain criteria stipulated by Microsoft; the main part of this is ensuring our engineers are up to date on the current technology by passing a variety of exams on different disciplines each year. Fortunately for us, our engineers are dedicated to giving professional, expert support, therefore their knowledge is exemplarily and they successfully pass these exams.

This year, we have achieved “Triple Gold” which means we have a Gold status in 3 areas. These 3 areas and their definitions are:

  • Datacentre – “Show an ability to provide high quality support for on premise and cloud solutions”
  • Collaboration & content – “Show teamwork capabilities through SharePoint, OneDrive & Teams solutions”
  • Messaging – “Optimise customers’ digital communications in on premise, hybrid and cloud environments”