With 45 million attempted attacks on e-commerce websites in the last 3 months, cybercrime is predicted to be at its highest level over the Christmas period.cyber security IT lincoln

British online retailers are preparing to lose millions of pounds to cyber criminals and hackers in the run up to Christmas, as online transactions increase in value and volume. ThreatMetrix flagged a staggering number of attempted attacks over the last couple of months, which have risen by 25% compared to last year.

Although e-commerce websites seem like the obvious target to hackers in the festive period, attacks on this type of business only account for half of the 90 million attempted attacks on businesses in the last 3 months.

Black Friday, which took place last week, was anticipated to be a particularly bad day for cyber attacks, with shoppers looking to get a good deal online to avoid the chaos of going in-store.

During the 2014 Christmas period, there were 11.4 million attempted hacks. This year, experts are suggesting that this figure will likely to double.

The warnings come after large-scale attacks on high-profile British businesses. Attacks include the theft of 150,000 TalkTalk customer personal details and hackers accessing 2000 Vodafone customer accounts and bank details. Hackers were also able to access the bank details of 2.4 million Carphone Warehouse customers when they attacked the company’s website.

ThreatMatrix’s Strategy and Product Marketing Director, Vanita Pandey, said that “cyber attacks are on the rise and are targeting e-commerce websites.”

The firm’s report has described this year’s festive season as ‘Cybercriminal Christmas’ amid a warning that hackers will look to use multiple data access points to gain access to websites, specifically payment transactions and account logins.

Also more consumers are using their mobile phones to make internet purchases, these leave digital footprints for hackers to take advantage of. It is important that online retailers adjust to this trend to provide the most secure service possible.

Cybercrime is now the most commonly committed offence in the UK according to the Office of National Statistics. If you would like to learn more about how to protect yourself and your business from cybercrime, call us on 0800 9520652 or email sales@scstechsolutions.co.uk.