Backing up your system is, without a doubt, one of the best ways to protect yourself and your company from the harm caused by serious cyber-attacks, data loss and corruptions.

Yet, according to cloud-based backup firm CloudBerry, a large percentage of companies are still not taking this precaution, of those who are, 49 per cent of companies only keep one backup copy of their data. With only a single copy of data available, if the smallest error occurs to the file, or if it is lost, stolen or changed by a third party, then that data could be gone forever.

Even more shockingly than that, 36 per cent of companies don’t back up their data at all. Yet 25 per cent of companies said they have lost business data “several times” or even “many times”.

Backing up your data is one of the safest way to protect your important files, documents and data. The company downtime caused from loss of data just isn’t worth risking. It takes time to back up your files and needs to be done on a regular basis.

So how can you back up your files? 

  • Externally – You can backup your files using an external storage device such as Tape, DVDs, USB sticks or external hard-drives. However, it is important to have these devices encrypted in case they are misplaced to prevent non authorised people from accessing them. This option shouldn’t be your only back up, in case the device fails, also, this device should be stored off site, away from the original data.
  • Internally – You can also backup your files onto a second internal hard disk on your computer. Hard disks can be relatively inexpensive and won’t be affected if there is an issue with your operating system. Bear in mind again though, that this option means that both your original and your copy are stored in the same place – this risks both versions being lost in the event of fire, flood or theft.
  • The Cloud – The cloud is a network of servers that allows you to access files over the Internet. Using the cloud to back up your files means you can access all your files with a simple log-in and have an extra location for storing data.

This being said, 62 per cent of companies said they’re concerned about the security of cloud-based backup solutions, including fears about vendor lock-in and lack of interoperability with any existing storage solutions.

However, the cloud is considered one of the more reliable backup systems, as it can be an easy and secure way transferring data to a remote, off-site location.

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