With many of us now working from home, there has never been such high demand for technology that can bring colleagues together and allow for accessible and flexible working. We’re sure many of you have been utilising software such as Microsoft Teams and have been getting to grips with Zoom and Skype meetings, but have you maximised all the elements of the new Office app?

Features of the new Office app

If you haven’t already explored it, Microsoft’s unified Office app brings together Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Sticky Notes into one convenient place and because all Office services are within a single app, it’s easier to jump from document to document. This not only reduces the need for you to move from one app to another, it also reduces the amount of space used on your phone in comparison to having all of the single app versions installed.

The app itself is free but the free version is a little limited so you will need an Office 365 subscription to take full advantage of its features.

These features include advanced formatting in Microsoft Word, editing WordArt and customising pivot tables. Other key features that make working from your mobile easier and more practical include turning content from your phone into Office documents, taking a photo of a document or whiteboard and creating an editable Word file, scanning a table and creating a spreadsheet in Excel, and creating a PowerPoint slide from photos on your phone.

An ideal solution for mobile users

Whether it is being used for personal or professional reasons, the Office app is specifically designed to help you get work done from your mobile.

Due to its focus on mobile usability, the app has introduced an ‘Actions Pane’, which allows users to manage and accomplish many common mobile tasks, these include: Creating PDFs with your camera using photos on your device or from Office documents, signing PDFs using your finger, scanning QR codes to open files and transferring files between your phone and computer (you can also share these instantly with nearby devices).

So, if you already work many hours on your phone or you are being forced to do so in these current times, this could be an ideal work solution, literally at your fingertips.

More features on the way

There are lots more features on the way, including Word Dictation, which will allow users to control their word processor using simple voice commands, and turn speech into written text. This can help in meetings, in jotting down notes and can be incredibly useful for those who frequently work hands-free.

Excel will also introduce a ‘cards’ feature, with each ‘card’ containing data from a row or column. This will allow mobile users to view and edit data in a table without having to navigate tiny cells.

The ‘Outline to PowerPoint’ feature, which is also in the pipeline, will allow users to jot down a series of bullet points, then transform them into a fully formatted presentation. How time saving could that be for you?

In a nutshell

The new Office app revolutionises the way we work from our mobile phones. Users can navigate between documents with ease and maximise on specific mobile features. With more features in the pipeline, the Office app is set to innovate mobile working even further in the coming months.

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