IT Security and Cyber Security are an essential part of protecting your data, and any client data that you may hold. Both are very important and in many areas these may overlap, but what is the difference between It Security and Cyber Security?

What is IT Security?

IT Security refers to protecting data and information in any systems your company may use. It involves creating processes and measures aimed to protect company data, this includes the misuse, unauthorised access or theft of sensitive company or client information. An IT Security Plan will protect data in different forms, such as electronic, paper and in-house systems.

The scope of IT Security is so broad that it often protects your data across the internet too, which is why IT Security often overlaps with Cyber Security.

IT Security can be seen as helping to ensure company and client information doesn’t end up in the wrong hands, whilst also ensuring confidentiality and accessibility of data when needed.

What is Cyber Security?

Cyber Security covers the protection of data on the internet from hackers and other cybercriminals. As more businesses rely on cloud networks and servers, large quantities of sensitive data from both your business and any of your customers may be exposed to threats from hackers.

This includes password management, data encryption and emails, as well as many other daily operations performed by your company. As internet hackers become more sophisticated in their techniques, it is important to have a carefully developed Cyber Security plan in place, and often updated to cover any new techniques or threats.


Both IT and Cyber Security have the end goal of protecting sensitive company data, this is achieved through a combination of technologies and physical processes.

Cyber Security deals with protecting data from internet hacks, IT security is the overarching process that covers how company data is handled daily.

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