Technology is advancing rapidly year on year. Ideas around technology that once seemed best suited in sci-fi movies of the future are now becoming mainstream.echo dot 2937627 1920

So, what does 2019 have in store? According to more than 200 firms, the tech trends for 2019 have been predicted as follows:

A rise in smart sensors

Smart sensors have many uses: from automating data collection that will improve healthcare and combat climate change, to voice-activated accessories within homes and businesses.

AI reshapes customer experiences

AI will give companies more understanding about their customers, allowing them to make real-time predictive decisions about their customers’ needs and behaviours.

Cloud-based cybersecurity

In such a rapidly evolving landscape of cybercrime and prevention, it is predicted that more companies will use cloud-based systems with open APIs, allowing security teams to integrate new technologies with greater ease and speed.

Consumers taking back their data control

Companies using and abusing public data made headlines during 2018. With many major companies scrambling to get their data policies up to scratch, GDPR fines will now start to increase in numbers. Some industry experts are predicting a consumer fightback, where they will start to reclaim control of their data and even monetise it.

Deepfake crimes on the rise

“Deepfakes” are manipulated digital videos that can overlay another person’s face onto a body and can alter words that have been said. Scary. Although a new kind of technology, these videos are evolving incredibly fast and are becoming cheaper to make. The quality is so good that even digital forensic tools are struggling to identify them.

Prevention of serious health issues

The Apple Watch can already deduce heart health, mood changes and sleep patterns, telling you your risk for inherited cancer, heart disease and food sensitivities. But this data-driven healthcare will soon start to emphasise prevention rather than just a cure.

Personalised medicine

AI unleashed on health data could lead to an era of smart diagnostics, treatments and even personalised medicine. AI powered computers are already analysing images to diagnose cancers and find molecules that could be turned into life-saving drugs.

Technology has such a huge impact on our lives, from the way we run and protect our businesses to prolonging our health and wellbeing. We can’t wait to see how this year pans out and what these technology companies have in store.

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