TechnologyTechnology is progressing quicker than you can say ‘Hey Siri’. And, as we hurtle into a new decade, we’re likely to experience considerable developments in quantum computing, space travel (yes, space travel), and a significant increase in the propagation of software into our daily lives.

These technologies, only moments away from erupting into our homes, once seemed like science fiction. Everything around us is continually evolving into something more beneficial and more impressive.

Here are our top three technology trends and innovations for 2020;

1. AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI), to the man on the street, conjures images of Terminator Judgement Day, and the likes. AI has, however, shifted from its association with robots a lot.

Over the years, we’ve witnessed a considerable rise in the number of applications, tools and platforms based on AI technologies and machine learning tech. In a burst of super-science fiction-like developments, Scientists and developers have created intelligent machines that can garner knowledge and mimic reasoning, thus moving closer to simulating how humans act in the world.

Exploding into 2020, we should anticipate AI moving more and more into the workplace and our lives. From self-driving cars, programmed to break the law if necessary, to business models and production technology, radical change is on the horizon!

2. Analytics

Over the past decade, Analytics has begun to play an increasingly significant role in the growth of companies globally. And as we move into 2020, its abilities continue to shine. Not only can analytics inform you if your market position is strong, but they can assist you to predict where the markets will migrate next.

Analytics involves a notable amount of data processing to turn big chunks of raw data into something useful; it’s a complicated business, often misunderstood as simple.

To help make sense of increased data, and to identify issues and aid in actioning solutions, the future of business will require far more analytics tools with machine learning. With IoT, cloud computing and big data on the rise, data is becoming an increasingly murky pool that requires analysing.

3. Blockchain

Right now, blockchain technology is active in only a few industries; it’s cryptocurrency connections being most notable. For the future, it’ll be providing a secure framework to many features of our digital lives.

Blockchain will allow technology to communicate verifiably and securely while simultaneously preventing malicious acts during data transfer. Blockchain technology, as a concept, has been around since the ’80s and with four decades in the making, will make a huge and positive impact to cyber security.


As an amalgamation of societal and tech transitions come together; business accelerates into a new decade at breakneck speed. And while many of these tech trends have been around for a while – it’s the availability of inexpensive computing power that’s’ made it all possible. The world is evolving in many ways, and all of these changes will undoubtedly affect us in a myriad of ways.