Information Technology is vital to businesses today. It improves productivity, aids in rapid communication and helps us to share information. Yet, despite its importance, IT is more often than not mismanaged.

businessman on laptop

Any self-respecting small business owner should be aware that incorporating the right IT solutions for your company model is on-par in importance to all other components.

The reason for this mismanagement usually boils down to a lack of understanding surrounding technology. For many people, even the words; hardware, software, malware and networks, create confusion and panic.

Here are our top tips for improving your IT experience.

Update your software regularly

This one usually follows the old “have you switched it on and off?” quibble. Updates, as the name suggests, keep everything updated and running smoothly, they also reduce the risk of a malware invasion. For all software updates, it’s recommended to go directly to the publisher’s site.

Back it up!

Even small businesses push a huge number of documents in a working day. And since most of today’s workflow happens on a digital platform, there’s a high chance that your data lies across a myriad of online accounts. Messy.

To promote healthy backup practices, start by consolidating your data. Whether it’s through cloud storage or a local hard drive, you need to make sure the information is in one place. Once this happens, you can conduct regular backups without the risk of forgetting any essential data.

Protect your business’ sensitive data

Today, cyber threats and data leaks pose a real threat to small companies. You must be vigilant and do everything possible to protect your sensitive data. With the rise of cybercrime, has come a wave of cyber protection options. The price range varies, but you can archive your data and elaborately password protect those archives.

Hire a professional

If you’ve tried all the tips and are still concerned that your IT strategy and practices may be leaving your business exposed, consider hiring a professional.

You’re not alone in needing the extra support – It’s better to call in an expert than have your entire business platform collapse overnight.

Here at SCS Technology we are Microsoft Gold partners and available to support your business’s IT needs. Please give us a call on 01522 883636 and we’ll do all we can to assist you.