We all have had that experience of working with a piece of technology that works slower than we do. If it takes longer to boot up your laptop than it takes you to send out a lengthy email complaining about it, then your work will certainly begin to suffer.

Technology has become an essential cog in the working functions of the majority of businesses, computers handle most of our daily tasks and yet they are the most complained about piece of equipment amongst employees.

ipad-820272_1280Well, these employees will be delighted to know that there has now been a poll that reveals just how damaging to productivity out-of-date machines can be. Octopus Group’s research division, Loudhouse, conducted a survey that discovered that poor technology causes a 23 per cent reduction in productivity on average. That’s almost a quarter of an employee’s working day!

The study then went on to discover that optimal technology could in fact boost productivity as much as 36 per cent. These results show that there is a clear demand for efficient technology within the workplace and, if this demand could be met, employees could be more than a third more productive than their average day.

It’s worth noting that an update doesn’t always require purchasing entirely new computers to help to enhance their performance, often the alterations are simple and yet they can dramatically change the way people work.

At SCS Technology, we offer that solutions that can help to:

  • Speed up your machines
  • Boost memory capacity
  • Back up and protect your data
  • Update your operating systems
  • Connect users together in a network
  • Train users to make the most of their machines

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