Did you know . . . ?


Have you found the search bar?  It’s so useful!  You can do so much from here . . it is basically a control centre.  Simply type in the command slash [/] and it will list all of the commands you can use.  Or even easier, hold down CTRL + / and it will open the same menu.

For example /busy sets your status to . . you guessed it . . busy!

Or /chat and you can send a quick message to one specific person.

I also think /unread is really useful.  If you’ve been away for a while and you need to catch up on what has happened in your absence, you can see all of the messages you have missed.


Another particularly handy one is /mentions where you can see all of your @mentions

Talking of @

Do you know about @mentions.  These are great if you want to ensure that one particularly person definitely see the message.  Type @[person’s name] and they will be notified.


You can save a message in your chat by clicking the dots at the top right-hand side of the message and select [save this this message].


When you want to go back to the saved messages, simply type /saved in the search bar.


You can format your messages to make them stand out in the feed or to make them easier to read and digest by clicking the [font icon] underneath the message on the left-hand side.  This gives you access to tools that allow you to add:

  • Subject line
  • Italics
  • Underline
  • Score through
  • Highlight
  • Bullet lists
  • Indents
  • Change the size and colour
  • Add a link


Sometimes you need to take it out of Teams and just send an email.  Did you know Teams provides an email address that sends an email to EVERYONE in that particular team?

You need to go out of chat to the Team.  Select the Team you want to email, click the three dots and choose [get email address].  Then choose copy and paste this address into Outlook and off you go! Everyone in your team will receive the email.


You can schedule a meeting from directly within Teams.  In chat, just underneath the text box you will see the little calendar graphic, simply click that and it will open a window that allows you to schedule a meeting with everyone in that chat.  So easy.



Are you a fan of the shortcut?  You’ll love this.  Press CTR: + full stop (or CMMD + full stop on a Mac) and you get a full list of all the short cuts.  A short cut for the short cuts. Perfect.

A bit of fun

Working remotely can be a bit lonely.  Teams works brilliantly to help alleviate that.  Something that adds a bit of the office banter back into your life is the ability to add GIFs and Memes which you can do my clicking the little icons underneath your message either in chat or conversation. (hopefully it is enabled by your administrator!)


Well done!

Finally, for today, a bit of praise.  You can choose to give people some positive feedback by rewarding them with a badge.  There is a little medal icon underneath your chat back on the right-hand side.  Click that, select who you want to praise, choose your badge/medal then make them smile.



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