Keeping your data secure

If you are doing anything on the computer that involves using the internet and the safekeeping of sensitive data, then you need IT security. By putting security measures in place such as antivirus software, firewalls and multifactor authentication, you will help to minimise the risk to your business and your staff.

Here at SCS Technology Solutions, we can help you to keep your data secure and ensure you have good defence systems in place to reduce ransomware attacks.

Typical security threats

The internet can be a dangerous place; it is essential that security measures are put in place to keep you safe from hackers and malicious software. There are a number of common security threats that SCS monitors on a daily basis and it helps to be aware of what they can do to your business:

  • Malware, which is short for ‘malicious software’, is often a variety of hostile, intrusive or annoying software or program codes. These can be in the form of computer viruses, Trojan horses, worms or dishonest spyware that can enter your computer after clicking on unreliable links.
  • Computer viruses are pieces of software that can easily spread from one computer to another, which can steal, corrupt or delete any data that is stored on-site.
  • Spam, or electronic junk mail, make their way to your computer through email and can contain links that, when clicked, will install malicious software onto your computer. While some spam is unwanted and simply advertises harmless items, not all spam is the same.
  • Rogue security software may appear legitimate with a pop-up that appears and advertises an update or alert. By asking you to click to update or remove something it has detected, you will be clicking on a link that will begin downloading malicious software.

How we help your business

If your business were to suffer a security breach, it could be extremely destructive. Ransomware attacks can devastate a business, regardless of size, often resulting in loss of data and business.

SCS Technology Solutions will set up security measures for your business to stop attacks before they happen. We can also provide you with training on how to recognise an attack and how to report it.

You have an obligation to your clients and customers to keep their data safe and secure by adding security measures to prevent data from being compromised. It also means that you are complying with the law and preventing the risk of your own business’ data loss. Don’t wait until you experience a data breach to get the security you need, talk to us today and guarantee the safety of your business and clients.

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Our FAQ's

Our most frequently asked questions about security.

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Q. How secure is my data in Office 365?


Office 365 uses the same technology as your on premise servers use, just on a much larger scale, the data you store in Office 365 is only accessible by members of your organization, the same as if it were stored on your server in your building.

Q. What makes a good password?


A strong password should consist of at least 12 Characters, Upper and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters. A strong password will not be related to you, so don’t use your dog’s name!

Q. How do you remember all these passwords?


A lot of people use the same passwords for various systems, in the event one of those systems has a breach, your password for numerous sites could be leaked onto the internet. A good way to mitigate this is to use a password manager; this allows you to store a unique password for each system and often suggests a strong password to use.

Q. What is Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)?


MFA in its most basic of forms is using multiple methods to authenticate yourself, so a password and an app, or a password and an SMS verification code. This results in a much more secure system as even if your password is guessed, the login would thwarted by MFA.

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