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Cloud technology solutions are essential for the security of your business and your customers. Many businesses choose to simply replicate their data on physical discs or tapes, but this can lead to serious security issues and potential data breaches if not encrypted. Additionally, if they malfunction, a disaster happens on-site, or they are not taken offsite all the data could be lost.

To help prevent this from happening, SCS will introduce your business to a range of reliable cloud technology solutions in Lincolnshire. This involves storing your important data on a digital platform with our partner Infrascale, where it will be kept safe and secure. Cloud computing offers many benefits.

Compared to the traditional way of backing up data to a hard disc, The Cloud offers more flexibility. Depending on your business and growth, Cloud technology solutions will allow you to upgrade in line with company needs and offer you the perfect amount of storage.

Maintenance and Recovery

Choosing us to host your Cloud backup means that you don’t have to worry about maintaining the system yourself. We will offer security to protect your data through the use of WatchGuard, as well as hosting your email, backing up the data and updating any software for you.

Cloud Technology Solutions in Lincolnshire

Another benefit of utilising The Cloud is how easy it is to recover your data. If a virus infects your computer, you can rest easy knowing that we have a copy of all your recent data and applications stored offline, which you can access through the data centre. One of the main benefits of The Cloud is the security that it offers.

What We Do

The Cloud can be a scary proposition, but SCS can provide you with the right Cloud solutions for your business’s needs. Whether a full Cloud solution is suitable (i.e. no servers onsite) or a hybrid solution where appropriate apps are moved to The Cloud (be that email, backups or a line of business application) SCS are here to help.

SCS’s Microsoft Certified Cloud experts can help explain the cloud simply and the benefits it can bring, to allow you to take your head out of the clouds.  

Working with industry-leading vendors such as Microsoft, Infrascale and Barracuda and privately owned Tier 3 data centres, SCS can plan, deploy and manage a Cloud solution to fit your business.  

Cloud technology solutions are becoming a more popular solution for businesses that want to move their data and backups off-site, and with our expert-level support, you will know that your data is in safe hands.

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Mundy’s have used SCS for a period in excess of 15 years and during that time we have found them to be 100% reliable. They are quick to respond to all questions, queries and IT related issues which we put to them (no matter how trivial they are). We would recommend their services to all sectors.

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121 years combined technical experience

SCS Technology Solutions was established in 1995, and has become a preferred partner in the region.

Gold Microsoft Partner since 2007

Our status as a Gold Microsoft Partner makes us the best-qualified IT organisation in the region.

Qualified engineers to Microsoft standards

Our Microsoft-certified engineers offer guaranteed and audited response times for all our services.

1hr 43m average response time

Our impressive average response time to a server failure. We get you back up and running in no time.

Our FAQ's

Our most frequently asked questions about cloud technology solutions.

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Q. What happens if my Cloud platform goes down?


Cloud platforms are engineered to be robust and modular, meaning that when there are issues it will usually only impact a set of sub features. Having well maintained backups and a good DR plan can help mitigate these risks.

Q. What is a Cloud computing?


Simply put, cloud computing is the delivery of computing services – including servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics and intelligence – over the internet (“the cloud”.)

Q. Is my data backed up in the Cloud?


Most cloud providers offer some form of backup, for instance Office365 has a retention of up to 90 days, it would however make sense to maintain a backup “off cloud.”

Q. Is my data safe in the Cloud?


Reputable cloud providers offer defence in depth security concepts on their platforms. Organisations however are only as strong as their weakest links! Which is why additional security measures such as Multi-Factor Authentication should be implemented where possible.

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