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Weak passwords are definitely discouraged by some major sites in the UK, but ultimately it is left to the user to decide on their own password, or they are given a simple default.

Well, news has just come in which means this trend could be about to change forever. From 2020, California is going to start legally banning weak passwords, particularly default passwords that are set by product manufactures across new devices.

This new law includes the banning of popular, predictable passwords such as “admin” and “password”, and companies could then be sued by users for any security incidents if they choose to ignore this law.

Electronics manufacturers too often allow hackers easy access to consumer devices by setting up predictable and common passwords. Higher security standards will soon be standardised across all devices sold to ensure safety for both data and users. To ensure this happens successfully, each gadget will be given their own unique password when made, each one different from the next.

New security features on new devices will mean that users must either use the unique passwords provided for them on their new devices, or they will go through a default start-up procedure that forces them to generate their own secure password.

From 2020, customers that suffer any security damages will be able to sue companies that have ignored this law. California is the first state to make this move and security experts are praising them for it. As a huge step forward in cyber security and data protection, will other states and countries follow suit?

Many believe it is about time that manufacturers were more responsible when it comes to their users’ security, do you agree?


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