Screen Shot 2016 02 12 at 09.13.57When fire-engine sirens blare into the cold air of a bitter winter evening, you never imagine it could be your property in flames. But 17 years ago in December 2002, it was SCS on the receiving end of a mindless arson attack.

At around 10pm our Managing Director, Jerry, had received a troubling phone call alerting him to a blaze at Allenby Estate, the location of SCS HQ at the time.  He and staff members questioned if it could be their building. Unfortunately, their office space of three years got caught in the cross-fire of a senseless arson prank, and was engulfed in flames.

Arson attack

Two youths set fire to a duo of wheelie bins, however as the wind was so strong it carried the flames to a nearby electricity substation, which proceeded to set the SCS building ablaze.

Jerry arrived at the scene to be greeted by six fire engines and an army of firefighters immersed in efforts to put out the fire. Around 1000 neighbouring homes had lost power and as flames shot through the roof of the building, the SCS team looked on, numb. However, even in their state of shock, they knew they would be OK as they had prepared for such a devastating eventuality.

Planning protects the business

Luckily SCS had a disaster recovery plan. As Jerry watched the fire, he knew that even though the ‘conduit’ of SCS was aflame, its ‘soul’ had been saved on tape, in a backup the previous Friday. That tape of precious data was poised and ready to reactivate SCS as soon as he had a safe space from which to operate.

Rising from the ashes

Within a week, thanks to a brilliant disaster recovery plan, SCS was back up and running and ready to support their customers once more. Without this plan – SCS might not be here at all, let alone be the thriving business they are today.