Microsoft to end support for Windows Vista

10 years since its initial release, Microsoft have announced they will stop updating Windows Vista on the 11th April 2017. This means that the operating system will no longer receive security updates from Microsoft, making Vista more susceptible to viruses and malware.

Launched on the 30th January 2007, Microsoft Vista was released 5 years after its predecessor Windows XP, with increased security, reliability, improved digital media functionality and Aero 3D user interface. Under the hood, Vista was designed to run more securely and more robustly than Windows XP, but with many users having problems upgrading older equipment to Vista, the general perception was that the operation system was a failure, leading to Microsoft fast tracking its successor – Windows 7.building-1011976_1920

It is important to note that Microsoft isn’t flicking the kill switch on the 11th April. PCs and laptops running Vista will still work, but the risk comes from continuing to use your PC whilst connected to the Internet as you leave yourself open to being compromised by cyber attackers. Internet Explorer 9 will also no longer be supported by the operating system, potentially exposing your PC to additional threats.

If you’re still using Microsoft Vista from the 11th April, please note that you will no longer receive:

  • Security updates
  • Non-security hotfixes
  • Free or paid assisted support options
  • Online technical content updates

With support ending, we recommend that if you are still using this operating system to consider upgrading to Windows 10, or at least an operating system that is still receiving security updates from Microsoft to minimise the risk of being hit by a cyber attack.

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