It would be difficult to find a business in the UK that doesn’t operate online and sadly, the same can be said for criminals. According to a new report by Panda Security, 50% of crimes committed in the UK are cybercrime. In fact, the company that carried out this research logged 18 million new pieces of malware in the last 3 months – this is around 200,000 a

It is said DDoS attacks are also on the rise and getting even more popular with the introduction of IoT (Internet of Things). In fact, Twitter and Reddit were brought down just this month because of a DDoS attack, leaving the websites inaccessible for a number of hours for users. Imagine the amount of revenue these websites lost for simply being down for a couple of hours…

According to further research by Get Safe Online, cyber criminals cost the UK £11billion last year, which works out at each person in the UK over the age of sixteen being £210 worse off. However, that figure is only based on cybercrimes that are reported and the real figure could be even higher.

As business owners, and consumers, we all have a responsibility to ensure that cyber criminals don’t get away with it anymore –  we all must take online safety seriously.

Here’s a few tips to help minimise the risks of your business being a victim to cybercrime:

  • Educate your staff– Know what the risks are, and help them to spot and understand these threats.
  • Keep up to date – Ensure you always update the operating systems of your devices, along with their security software.
  • Secure your network– Configure your computers so that they only allow staff to access what they are intended to. Use boundary firewalls and internet gateways to block unwanted traffic.
  • Protect your property– Help to prevent attacks with up-to-date and reliable virus protection.
  • Restrict access– Passwords should not be shared and should be as secure as possible.
  • Regularly back up – The only way you can truly protect your business is by ensuring you have an effective back up in place.

If you have any worries about your computer security, get in touch with our team on 0800 9520652, and we’ll be happy to help keep your company secure.