According to a recent YouGov survey, almost everyone wants to continue to work from home after the pandemic.  Do you?  Have your say.

Working from home has become so much easier.  Some of us are wondering why we were driving all over the country to meetings, getting up at the crack of dawn, even catching flights, making train journeys… when all we really needed to do was hop onto Microsoft Teams or make a Zoom call.

And what about the daily commute?  Stuck in traffic. Spending hours in the car or on public transport at both ends of the day.

Obviously, some jobs require you to be there.  Construction work, service industries, manufacturing, engineering and so on… but for those with primarily office-based jobs, a new era has dawned.  A choice is quite legitimately on the table.

In an article in The Times newspaper on 9th November 2020 it cited a YouGuv survey that discovered that:

  • Only 7% of British workers want to return to the office full-time after Covid-19
  • 18% said they would like to work from home every day
  • 32 % said they would like to work from home most days

People want the choice … and software such as Microsoft Teams and Cloud computing enable people to work remotely but ‘virtually’ together.  Most people agree that there are compromises, some things do work ‘better’ done face-to-face (for example Andy Haldane, chief economist at the Bank of England is concerned that working from home could ‘stifle creativity and hamper productivity’ if it continued in the longer term).

Do you agree with this?

Here at SCS Technology Solutions, the majority of our team are able to work fully remotely using the power of Microsoft teams. Similarly, we have enabled the majority of our client base to the do the same.

How productive do you think you are if you are working from home?  Are you keen to get back to the office or are you enjoying the short commute to your kitchen table?  What software are you using to facilitate your home-working.

Please take 2 minutes (quite literally 2 minutes) to fill in our survey and tell us what you think about home working.  Dawn of a new era or can’t wait to put it behind you?

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