With Coronavirus on the rise, anxieties are escalating in the workplace. In reaction to this, many businesses are requesting their employees to work from home.

Never before has remote working looked more appealing. With a myriad of advantages, staying healthy being the priority, remote work – necessitated by excellent IT and WIFI connection – can prove beneficial to employees and employers alike.

Here are a couple of components to ensure remote work is a success.

A powerful WIFI connection

WIFI is crucial to your daily operations; without it, remote work becomes a frustrating fail. Video conference malfunctions, Skype meeting failures and an inability to access cloud computing or your communication platforms can slow work to a grinding halt. If your home doubles up as your office – invest in a powerful router, and the best bandwidth you can get.

Security measures for remote employees

The three main points in an IT system where data is most vulnerable are networks, applications and user interfaces where information is accessed. Remote working increases the number of these points considerably, so companies must set mechanisms in place to decrease that risk.

However, with correct management, the benefits of remote work can be reaped, without exposing the company to unnecessary security risks.

Due to the transient nature of smaller devices, i.e. phones and tablets, compared with PCs and networked systems, there is a higher risk of theft or loss – leaving confidential company data at risk. Additionally, because employees also use devices for personal purposes, they could inadvertently infect their equipment with hazardous viruses or malware.

However, the use of ‘mobile device management’ (MDM) and ‘sandboxing’ can help alleviate these risks. MDM technology permits an employer to manage an employee’s device remotely. This monitoring allows remote wiping, location tracking and ‘sandboxing’, which involves opening a secure section on the device to be used solely for work. This tool means that remote wiping will be limited to work data.


With the right planning, set up and security measures in place – remote work can keep your business afloat should Coronavirus escalate in your local area. More than that, remote work could even increase workers motivation, improve their quality of life and in turn, increase productivity.

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