phone 2056487 1920According to new studies carried out by One Pulse and Owl Labs, UK businesses aren’t doing enough to support their remote workers.  It states that more than half of those workers feel that their employers don’t do enough to cater for the demands of modern work culture such as the need for flexible working and remote working.

Feeling disconnected

Those remote workers also feel that there is a considerable decline in collaboration and communication when they work from home, with 80% stating that they struggle to stay engaged during a remote meeting.

Max Makeec, CEO of Owl Labs said, “In an era of remote and flexible work the need for an effective working process, for those in and out of the office, is crucial.”

“However, UK companies are so far failing to meet the needs of the modern workplace.”

A better use of time

According to a poll of 10,000 UK workers, around 80% say they waste up to 7 weeks per year in ‘pointless meetings’, and a further 14% waste just under 10 hours per working week, which is just over a quarter of a full-time employee’s time at work.

British businesses need to do more to combat these trends, or face a worrying decline in productivity.  For example, Owl Labs recently rose to the challenge, and have introduced a new product called The Meeting Owl, which is a 360 degree smart conferencing camera, designed to make remote meetings more engaging and productive.

Does your office suffer from productivity loss due to remote working?  Is your organisation equipped with the latest technology to make remote working a smooth-sailing process?  If you would like to find out more about how your IT systems can aid employees working remotely, contact SCS Technology Solutions today on 0800 952 0652.