Despite the high profile cases last year, many businesses and organisations are going into 2018 with inadequate protection against ransomware attacks.  In a recent survey conducted by Sophos, it was revealed that 31% of organisations were expecting to be hit by an attack in the near future, while 54% of organisations had already experienced a ransomware attack within the last 12 months.

The realitysecurity 265130

In May 2017, cyber security recommendations were not followed, leaving NHS trusts exposed and defenceless against the WannaCry ransomware.  Even though no sensitive patient data had been compromised, the attack effected more than a third of NHS trusts in England meaning at least 6,900 NHS appointments were cancelled. This was the biggest known cyber-attack to have ever hit the NHS, which eventually spread worldwide to more than 150 countries.

No job (or target) too big or too small

A survey conducted by Sophos, which surveyed 2,700 IT managers around the world, stated:

Interestingly, hackers are not discriminating by organization size. The likelihood to suffer an attack is about the same for both smaller and larger companies responding to the survey: 50% of the 100-1,000 user organizations had fallen victim, compared with 58% of those in the 1,001-5,000 user category. Big or small, everyone is a target.

With over three quarters (77%) of ransomware victims already running up-to-date endpoint security, organizations are discovering the hard way that stopping ransomware requires specialized protection.”

The report also found that in the UK:

  • 45% of organisations fell victim to a ransomware attack in the last year.
  • 85% of organisations found it harder to safe guard against attacks in the last year.
  • 89% of organisations felt that malware has become more complex.

Educate your team

With attacks advancing in severity and complexity, organisations need to do more to not only address the issues, but to understand them.  As well as updating existing technology, the survey suggests educating end users as “The gap is growing between the knowledge and skills of the attackers, and that of the IT professionals charged with stopping them”.  Even though out of date technology and human error can so often be at fault, “well trained users can be your strongest asset”.

Adequate training and education will ensure that your organisation is ready to tackle cyber security issues head on, preventing future ransomware attacks. If you are concerned about the threat that ransomware poses to your organisation and would like to find out how to combat those threats, contact SCS Technology Solutions today.