The internet community are currently in a situation where they no longer just fear having their credit card details stolen online, they have much more to worry about. Today even things as personal as names and visual identities fall victim to internet scams and theft.

It’s not only business accounts that are hacked into, it’s our friends’ personal accounts, accounts where our names are mentioned and trusted brand names are being used. How many times have you been asked to click a link? To help out a friend? Or to claim a prize that you have won? Some scams are harder to spot than others.

It’s no wonder that we’re more suspicious than ever before.

Companies in particular have a lot to lose, not just with the amount of data that could be stolen but also with their credibility and trustworthiness. This is particularly true with small and medium sized companies: according to KPMG, 58% of consumers would be discouraged from using a breached business in the future and 86% of business partners would consider removing a breached supplier from their supply chain.

To avoid this kind of damage to your reputation, it is important to know the right IT protocols to have in place, protocols that protect your business.

We suggest that companies have virus protection software in place, that everyone in the company is well informed of what dangers to avoid (see our previous blog post about this) and that they have a backup and recovery system in place, just in case the worst should happen.

At SCS Technology, we offer a number of IT solutions that can help to keep your company, data and above all, your reputation safe. Please contact a member of our team for more information on 0800 9520652.