A recent study has discovered that UK workers are losing millions of working hours each week because of poor technology in the office.

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Based on a survey of 1000 officer workers, it was found 7.5 million working days each year were being lost due to poor technology provided by their employers.

60% of workers said that tech-related issues at work were preventing them from doing their job properly, and almost half would consider moving jobs because of IT issues.

The common issues include:

  • Slow internet connection
  • Crashing computers
  • Out-of-date software

Mike Anderson, CEO of the company of Chelsea Apps Factory, who conducted the research, states that business workers are wasting around 22 minutes a day due to faulty software or hardware, and that spending money on bad IT services and software is leaving employees ‘stumped, unproductive and in some cases so unhappy they would consider leaving their job’.

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(Source: ITV)