In a speech at GCHQ on 17th November, Chancellor George Osborne stated that he has launched a National Cyber Security Plan, one that involves increasing cyber security funding to £1.9bn.564aee10c36188384c8b4585

Cyber security has now become a top priority in Britain, with an aim to make Britain the highest-protected nation on the world wide web.

These figures mean that investments into cyber protection have doubled, which totals to £1.9bn over five years. He said:

“If you add together the spending on core cyber security capabilities, protecting our own networks and ensuring safe and secure online services, the government’s total cyber spending will be more than £3.2bn.”

Osborne has also announced that there will be a “cyber force” on standby, ready to handle any incidents that require a quick response, such as major attacks. There were also promises of a stronger defence for government systems as well as preventions put in place. One preventative includes a cross-government IP reputation service that warns people when they try to do business with known bad addresses.

The complete strategy will be released in 2016 and is published with the aim to make Britain one of the safest places to do business online in the future. Osborne added; “The starting point must be that every British company is a target, that every British network will be attacked and that cyber crime is not something that happens to other people”.

It is in the hands of both citizens and companies to ensure that we are a nation protected from cyber crime.

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