A scary 1 in 10 companies have fallen victim to a cyber attack, and even worse, they don’t even know about it.  

The cost of these unnoticed attacks is estimated to exceed £1.7m, and an annual survey of more than 10,000 businesses from 127 countries showed that cyber attacks are becoming more frequent and more damaging.

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As firms build up their defences against these attacks, cyber criminals are becoming more and more innovative with their hacking techniques.

Colin Slater of PwC pointed out that companies are becoming even more at risk of cyber threats, explaining that “our businesses are operating in an increasingly digitally-diversified world. The flip side of this is highly sophisticated and constantly evolving cyber risks that can impact their brand.

The survey also showed a 38% increase in detected information security incidents, and noted a trend that firms are starting to recognise the threats associated with cyber crime, with security budgets up 24% on average.

It is becoming increasingly clear that that no one is safe from cyber attacks, meaning it is the responsibility of organisations to ensure their systems are protected. Regularly keeping your business cyber security systems up to date is vital as the software is constantly updated to combat the growing abilities of hackers.

It is also important to ensure that your employees are aware of cyber risks. Hazardous content can appear in many deceptive and unassuming forms. Make sure that no one within your organisation clicks on links within emails from senders they do not recognise. Destructive malware can be installed onto computers with the simple click on a hazardous link, so play it safe and delete that email.

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