We are delighted to announce that we have a new Workshop and Purchasing Manager at SCS, who many of you will already know! Jamie Cross started at SCS in 2018 as an Apprentice IT Technician, assisting Steve in the workshop, then to Deputy Technical Support Officer, Technical Support Officer and now this new role. Jamie is thrilled to take on new responsibilites, and we know he will do a fantastic job. We asked Jamie a few questions about his career at SCS and his aspirations for the future….JamieC

Jamie, How long have you worked at SCS?

4 Years 2 months

What was your college course, and what did it involve? 

I completed an Infrastructure Technician Level 3 – It involved proving competency in different aspects of IT which included IT Security, Remote Infrastructure, Problem solving and Data to name a few. These competencies needed to be proved by doing things within the workplace that would then align with each competency area. For example, when I re-softwared the PXE Server, we used this as a basis for a write up that would then count towards the Remote Infrastructure competency. I completed the course at the end of 2019

Please give a brief description of your role when you started, how you’ve progressed and what you do now.

I started as apprentice doing jobs in the workshop, helping Steve with workshop jobs and any other tasks in the workshop. The longer I was here the more I took on, I took over the imaging server for new devices, pitched the KillDisk station also did a stint of the remote support desk.

Within the 6 months of getting the apprenticeship I was offered the job permanently.

I was involved in moving from Orderwise to Unleashed, then following this I did 6 months on the remote support desk which gave me a real insight into the different departments at SCS. Once I had finished this temporary role, I tried to solidify my place in the workshop as much as possible, taking anything that could differentiate between me and someone else who did the job.

When it came round to MSPM (our current system) I was heavily involved in workshop decisions surrounding it, whilst also helping in the initial input of data.

After I properly took over from Steve last year, I started to change things, such as who supplies our CSP licensing as I thought we could do things a little better.

Which brings me to now where I still am trying to improve things. Our processes work efficiently, and I am looking forward to increasing the size at which SCS operates.

Other responsibilities at SCS?

I am the Health & Safety appointed competent person which means I am the one who writes policies for H&S and I carry out the in house risk assessment, makes sure people have what they need to work efficiently and safely such as, chairs, monitors etc. I have also done some health and safety online courses last year to aid me in being the health and safety representative however I am looking at refreshing this in other ways currently.

With the above role, being a first aider is a must so I recently completed my second EFAW (emergency first aid at work) course.

Why do you enjoy working at SCS?

I enjoy the job itself, purchasing and supplier relations mainly. The people I get to work with is also a major benefit, I couldn’t do this job to this level without the support I receive from those around me.

What your career goal is?

Currently my career goal is to keep moving forward, learning and progressing to bigger things with SCS as they grow.