security-265130The risk of being hit by a cyber security attack is constantly on the rise, and it is fair to say that cyber criminals are getting even smarter. According to reports by Kaspersky Security Network, in the third quarter of 2016, there were over 171 million malicious attacks on devices across the world, with over a million being done in order to steal money.

Recently, a new ransomware was discovered that uses an innovative software system to increase the risk of devices being infected. Named the Popcorn Time malware, the software works by turning victims into attackers using a pyramid scheme-style discount. If infected with this ransomware, you’ll be offered the ability to unlock your files for a cash payment, or you’ll be offered the chance to pass on the malware – all you would have to do then is make sure the malware is installed by two or more people on their devices and then your files will be decrypted for free. Well, that’s what they say.

Currently the software is only in its development stage, but if it gets a full release, it could be rapidly used to spread malware and cause a lot of problems for organisations across the world.

If you’re hit by ransomware, there is only one way to ensure you’re not paying out thousands of pounds in ransom to get your data back. That is by having an effective back up in place.

Backing up your system is one of the best ways to protect yourself and your company from the harm caused by serious cyber-attacks, data loss and corruption. If you don’t have an effective back up plan in place, now is the time to talk to your IT provider.

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