We’ve taken some time to explore the newly released Windows 10 for those who have yet to upgrade and are currently thinking about doing so.

Here are our favourite new features of Windows 10:Windows 10 launch

  1. Simpler – Return of the Start Menu

Removing the Start Menu was a bold decision for Microsoft when Windows 8 was released. Luckily they have listened to their users and have brought it back by popular demand for Windows 10. They have also added new features to the Start Menu and given users the option to turn off Windows 8-style tiles.

  1. Less Intrusive – A more accessible Windows Store/Apps

Instead of Apps taking you into a full-screen experience, they will now be windowed, making it easier to move between them. Apps are also now responsive and will adapt to suit your display.

  1. Helpful – A personal assistant called Cortana

Those with a Windows phone may be familiar with Cortana. Cortana is a non-intrusive personal assistant who uses a combination of your account information and cloud-based intelligence to provide you with useful information, helping you with daily activities and searches.

  1. Intelligent – Facial recognition sign-in called Hello

‘Hello’ allows users to log into their systems without passwords. The computer will simply recognise your face when you sit in front of it. This feature requires a certain type of camera with infrared technology but this will become more common over time.

  1. Organised – Action Centre and virtual desktops

In the Action Centre you will find your notifications organised from each app and easy-access to your most-used settings. You can now also organise multiple desktops however you like, and switch between them. This makes it easier to organise tasks and projects.

Are you still unsure about upgrading to Windows 10? You’re not alone. We have put together an event that has all the information you need to know before upgrading. We’ll help you to do it the right way and to minimise the stress involved in learning to use a new operating system.

Our exclusive Windows 10 breakfast event is on the 30th September, at Doddington Hall in Lincolnshire.

Please contact us today for more information about this event. Call us on 01522 883620 or email sales@scstechsolutions.co.uk.