The number of employees using mobile technology for work is increasing, and unfortunately according to a new report, this has increased the likelihood of companies suffering from data loss or a security

According to the report by Apricorn, almost a third of companies have suffered a data loss or security breach due to their employees using mobile devices for work, and almost half of businesses surveyed agree that employees are the biggest security threat to their company.

With more and more employees now commuting into work and having to do business away from their desk, using their mobile phones or other portable devices can be the only way they can get work done.

As a business owner, how can you ensure your company data remains safe if your employees work on the go?

Here are our top 5 tips for ensuring your employees work safely remotely:

  1. Put in place a security policy and philosophy

Companies must develop an understandable remote working and cyber security policy for all employees to comprehend and to follow. By developing a culture where employees understand the importance and risks associated with data security, it will keep security at the top of their mind and help to reduce human error.

  1. Train your employees

It is important that you train your employees on a regular basis to make them aware of data security when remote working. Emphasise the importance of security threats, what could happen if data is compromised, and why they need to follow protocols even on the go.

  1. Keep mobile devices and laptops safe

The first line of defence is to make sure that these business assets are kept safe, and are never left unattended as they are easy pickings for cyber criminals. Mistakes can happen, so it is important that your business makes sure that all remote devices are protected with a good password and encryption, that you have the right insurance cover, and that devices are backed up on a regular basis.

  1. Avoid using public Wi-Fi

Your remote working and cyber security policy should stipulate that employees must not access any sensitive work activities over public Wi-Fi whilst using work devices. Providing employees with guidelines on what systems and activities staff can and cannot access when using public Wi-Fi can help ensure sensitive information is never accessed.

  1. Ensure security protection is up-to-date

Any devices that are owned by your business should be properly protected with antivirus, web filtering, firewalls, device encryption and other preventative software, and should be updated on a regular basis.

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