Microsoft’s remote working solutions such as SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams became staples of our daily lives, almost overnight, at the beginning of the pandemic.

Although for many of us, things are returning to a new kind of normal.  Hybrid working remains prevalent and collaborating remotely has become one of those game-changing ways that allow us to leverage more efficiency into our working days.

Here are our top picks of some of the tips and tricks within Microsoft’s wealth of collaboration tools.  Which ones do you use? Which are you excited to try and which are your favourites?


If you are working on a file within Office 365 did you know that you can simply click the Share icon in the top right hand corner of the


document, click send a copy and you can email the file, directly from the document, as well as saving it to your shared location.


If you are working on either a Word, Excel or PowerPoint file, you can edit it at the same time as your colleague.

Make sure the file is saved on your OneDrive then click the same Share Icon as above to share the document with the team member who you wish to collaborate with.

Your colleague’s comments will show in a different colour (and you can even see as they write them).

TEAMS: The power of the search bar

How often do you use the search bar at the top of your Teams window?  Chances are you could be using it for a lot more than you currently are.  It contains lots of short cut uses.

We’ve talked in our blog before about the /commands.  Are you using them yet?  There really are some handy ones.  We wanted to mention it again here because Microsoft regularly add to the list.  This is what is currently available.  One of our favourite is /unread so that you can easily see if you have missed anything.  You can find out if any new commands have been added by typing /.   [forward slash full stop] into the search bar.

Did you know you could put surveys into your Teams group?


This is a great way to increase engagement and get feedback on a particular issue rather than just asking a question.

If you can’t see the icon to create the Poll, click the three dots for ‘messaging extensions’ to the right of the rewards icon and select Forms.


They are so easy to use and you can even have a bit of fun with them: They appear right in the feed.  You can choose whether or not you want the answers to be anonymous if the matter is of a serious nature.




Finally for today, did you know that you could send urgent notifications within Teams? If you need someone to get back to you really quickly, simply click the exclamation mark.


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