building-1011976_1920Are you a small business that struggles to maintain great customer relationships? Sometimes you can be so involved in growing your business and reaching deadlines, that you forget to keep a good working relationship with your existing customers. Microsoft have grabbed the opportunity to make your life slightly easier, by helping you to track and grow customer relationships using Outlook Customer Management.

Outlook Customer Manager was released last year for Windows desktops. However, Microsoft have now released the new tool for all Office 365 Business Premium subscribers, as well as for Outlook on the web and Outlook for iOS.

What will the customer relationship management tool do for you?

This release will allow small businesses to have an efficient relationship with their customers, and ease the burden of running their business while maintaining customer satisfaction. It gives you the ability to multi-task and cross over workflow through different management applications.

The top 4 features:

Do you regularly forget meetings? – Outlook Customer Manager will check to see if your emails contain an invite for a meeting, information or a file, and automatically generate a reminder for you on the ‘Today’ page.

Searching for your customer details will no longer be as time consuming – Microsoft will now use information obtained from search engines to suggest customer’s addresses, telephone numbers and website details and automatically add it to your customer’s profile.

Would you like Cortana as your personal assistant? – Outlook Customer Manager allows the option to let Cortana (Microsoft’s intelligent personal assistant) schedule your meetings for you, giving you the time to concentrate on growing your business.

The integration of apps – Numerous business ‘apps’ can be incorporated with Outlook Customer Management using Microsoft Flow, allowing you to create workflows across multiple applications – saving you time.

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