As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we are proud to help boost the UK economy as it slowly recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic.GoldBadge

The UK economy has been hit hard, and no-one is sure how we can bounce back effectively. But recent reports have shown that simple changes in businesses, such as the use of talent management and technology, can provide an extra £48 billion to inject into the economy

£6.74 billion of that could be driven by Microsoft’s Partner Network, of which we are part of. The Partners’ expertise in cloud computing, data analytics, and remote working solutions could create an additional £2.34 billion.

As a Microsoft Partner, we can not only help create solutions but also deliver them. We can offer support that will enable people to have access to these products and services, as well as expert advice in the areas required.

Research has found that Microsoft’s Partners are in a great position to drive growth this year, despite the economic turmoil. This takes into consideration the shortage of skills and talent, as well as Brexit. But due to recognising these challenges, we can help businesses adjust how they operate and become more flexible. The key to ongoing success.

James Chadwick, Interim General Manager of One Commercial Partner at Microsoft UK, explained that:

“The past year has been incredibly challenging for companies of all sizes, and many continue to struggle with disruption and economic uncertainty. As I’ve seen first-hand, the Microsoft Partner Network can play a crucial role in the UK’s recovery, and we’re committed to supporting them in this journey.”

The reports revealed that for businesses to seize this opportunity, they need to act quickly.

There are 6 steps that the business can take to improve its operations and to create new revenue opportunities:

  1. Collaborate with members of the Microsoft Partner Network
    According to the new report, companies that work with members of Microsoft’s Partner Network tend to perform better.
  2. Invest in agility and change management
    Focus on agile solutions related to remote working, data analytics, and security.
  3. Focus on diversity and inclusion
    Avoid the risk of becoming an echo chamber, which can limit creativity and potential.
  4. Build automation services
    Use technology to remove repetitive tasks and free up staff to work on more complex issues.
  5. Develop data analytics capabilities
    The intelligent use of data can be the difference between survival and failure for companies.
  6. Shore up your security offering
    Given the shift towards remote working, offering security services is a potential area of growth.

Being a part of the Microsoft Partner Network, SCS Technology Solutions can help you develop your business and become more efficient.