Technology is becoming smarter, more automated and more in-tune with our needs by the day. It’s learning how to predict how we live and what we need as users, and is then able to project a convenient solution into our every day lives, without us even getting

Homes are smarter than ever before, regulating heat control and lighting for when we arrive home. Our phones are smarter than ever before, using our finger prints and counting our steps. Our phone’s GPS even lets technology know when we are close-by, opening doors and activating appliances, smart technology is constantly working together to stay one step ahead.

Now, according to Microsoft, car journeys are about to join in with this convenience economy trend too.

Microsoft has teamed up with Mercedes Benz to combine a user’s car journey with their office schedule, offering a much smarter way to travel between business meetings. This In Car Office project will integrate your Microsoft Exchange information with your car’s infotainment system, updating your car with latest calendar appointments and contact numbers.

This means that your car will not only predict where you are going for your next meeting, but will plan your route for you and even offer to make a call with that client to confirm that you’re on your way. These are only some of the impressive features that have been announced so far, but we expect there will be more to come when the new model is launched.

So when will this combination of technical wonder be available, we hear you say? Our sources say as early as the first half of next year, 2017.

We think this is a fantastic move towards a future of smarter travel, not only saving commuters from wasted journeys, and therefore lessening their carbon footprint, but also saving companies from unnecessary travel expenses. A very welcome addition.