microsoft 257885 1280Microsoft take the privacy of their customers’ data and storage very seriously, so much so that they are giving users a OneDrive Personal Vault, with extra layers of security.

When it comes to security, the benefits of OneDrive are many. The Personal Vault can only be accessed with your fingerprint or face recognition or with a second step of identity verification, such as a PIN or a code sent to you via email or text message, or with the Microsoft Authenticator app.

This means that there’s no need to remember passwords; important files and items are simply locked away behind an extra wall of protection, and accessible from all devices with access to the internet.

Extra, extra layers of security

• The Personal Vault will automatically re-lock after a short amount of inactivity on all devices.

• On Windows 10 PCs, Personal Vault files will also be synced to a Bitlocker-encrypted area of the local hard drive.

• Files being stored in the cloud or sent to your device are fully encrypted.

• OneDrive monitors suspicious activity, detects ransomware, and notifies users of mass file deletions and recovers data.

• OneDrive scans for viruses during downloads and lists a version history for all file types.

Seth Patton, General Manager of Microsoft 365 explains: “Your locked files in Personal Vault have an extra layer of security, keeping them more secure in the event that someone gains access to your account or your device. Plus, this added security doesn’t mean added inconvenience. All your documents, photos and videos in Personal Vault are easy to access on, your PC or capable devices.”

When will Personal Vault be available?

Microsoft announced last month that Personal Vault will be available to everyone with a OneDrive vault by the end of this year.

We’ll keep you posted about any further updates.

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