Earlier this year, Microsoft announced that they were working on a replacement for Internet explorer nicknamed ‘Project Spartan’. The new browser now has a name, Edge, and details about its security features have been released.Microsoft Edge Logo

Edge is designed specifically for Windows 10, which is due to be released later this year. Microsoft’s aim is to provide a faster, simpler and more flexible browser that allows you to have your own custom homepage options such as links and thumbnails for frequently visited websites.

Microsoft is building the browser around modern web standards using a new rendering engine called Microsoft EdgeHTML, which will help web developers defend against cyber threats. Edge will also adapt to the SmartScreen features introduced in Windows 8 – this checks the reputation of websites to ensure they are legitimate.

Cyber criminals often try to steal your passwords by creating fake websites that look like genuine websites you are familiar with. To tackle this, Microsoft Edge will remove the need to enter plain text passwords and will instead use passport technology as a single-sign-in service.

As Internet Explorer was a built-in part of Windows, it was left open to various security threats. Microsoft Edge will be a stand-alone app, making it easier to update. It will also run in ‘sandbox’ mode, making it harder for malware to infect other programmes on the same computer.

Microsoft have invested great time and effort into making Edge the most secure browser yet – watch this space for more further developments.