Staff - TomTom has recently joined our Team here at SCS Technology Solutions from an IT role with G4S at Lincolnshire Police.

Although it feels like he’s been here a while, simply because he is such a great fit for us, it has only been a matter of weeks. We therefore wanted to take this opportunity to introduce him to you.

Here is what Tom had to say for himself when we questioned him earlier today…

What do you do at SCS?
I am an IT technician. My role involves diagnosing and monitoring computer problems as well as installing hardware and software.

At the moment I am mainly on the help desk but before long I will be out in the field so to speak.  I am looking forward to putting faces to the names of people I have been speaking to on the phone.

The kind of things I can help with over the phone are numerous, it is amazing what can be done remotely these days.  The last call I took was from a customer who was unable to log into their VPN from home so I advised the fix over the phone, with remote desktop management.

What is it that you love about working in IT?
Every problem has a solution. Software can be fixed, hardware can be replaced. Most issues can be resolved with very little disruption to the end user. Finding or learning the solution is as important to me as fixing the issue.

What frustrates you the most?
Poor internet connectivity speeds.

What is the best tip you can give a client?
Be pro-active with your problems. Lots of issues are easily fixable with a very small amount of knowledge.  Deal with it before it gets worse.

If you were stuck on a desert island with a laptop and one piece of software – what would it be?
iTunes. I can’t think of a better situation than to be stranded on a desert island with 50 million songs. Although Skype would probably be the sensible option!

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